Video Series: Interviews with Business Leaders on an Alternate Universe post COVID-19
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Tips for Virtual Teams

Our Tips for Virtual Teams cover key information on working from home, leading virtual

Work From Home Tips

Work from Home is here. With COVID-19 many companies are dealing with the challenges of remote working.

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Talent Gazette is our company quarterly newsletter that shares insights and information on the HR Industry and our insights and movements

Talent3sixty says we are implementation focused

Talent3sixty has completed over 10,000 feedback reports.

Productivity and Performance of Auto Components Industry

Over the last 2 years, Talentonic has worked closely

Talentonic Stress Index

Talentonic Stress Index uses the four-way view by Steward D. Friedman in his book “Total leadership”

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Talentonic coaching methodology enables clients to realise their business potential by focussing on


Talentmaturity is a survey based tool. It assesses the level of maturity of each of the eight major

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Talentonic, in partnership with Centre for Talent Solutions (CTS), USA, brings together the latest human capital practices in the field of engagement solution.


The development of leadership is a continuous process as an individual gains experience, assumes greater levels of responsibility, and faces a growing complexity

Ignition & Velocity in Leadership Development

The Global Human Capital Study has a section which is called “revealing the leadership gap - future growth at risk.” The results are frightening



The Alternate Universe Series Episode - 1: SY Siddiqui, Executive Advisor, Maruti Suzuki

This is the first episode in the Talentonic Video Series titled "An Alternate Universe" that engages with Business Leaders on the new challanges and realities that will emerge in the post COVID-19 world.


The Alternate Universe Series Episode - 2: Shailesh Singh Chief People Officer at Max Life Insurance

The second episode of our Alternate Universe Series is here! Our Founder and CEO Deepak Dhawan talked to Shailesh Singh, Director and Chief People Officer at Max Life Insurance


The Alternate Universe Series Episode - 3: Akshat Birla Founder and CEO Finovate Capital

In this third episode of the Alternate Universe Series, our Founder and CEO Deepak Dhawan sits down with Akshat Birla, Founder and CEO Finovate Capital for a perspective from start-ups. A refreshing conversation that was a perfect balance of optimistic and realistic.


The Alternate Universe Series Episode - 4: Aamir Akhtar CEO, Arvind Limited

In this fourth episode of the Alternate Universe Series, our Founder and CEO Deepak Dhawan talks to Aamir Akhtar, CEO of Arvind Limited whose optimistic perspective is summarized in this quote by him "When the stars go down, the beauty of dawn emerges"


The Alternate Universe Series Episode - 5: Jayaram Easwaran, Author

In this fifth episode of the Alternate Universe Series, our Founder and CEO Deepak Dhawan talks to JAYARAM EASWARAN, author of the "Inside the C Suite" and leadership advisor. A very different perspective on the crises where he advises that its okay to be fragile and not have all the answers and that if your Organisation culture is strong and truly empowering, you will land back firmly on your feet.


Talent3Sixty, a powerful 360 degree feedback solution

talent 3sixty is a powerful 360 degree feedback solution from Talentonic.Unique Features such as Virtual Coaching Assistant, IDP templates and Video Coaching


The Alternate Universe Series Episode - 6: Vinod Aggarwal Managing Director & CEO, VECV

A believer in the resiliency of India and its ability to bounce back after this pandemic. Vinod talks about the importance of Cash Management, Supply Chain Management and Organisation Re-Structuring as lead indicators of success in the new normal.


The Alternate Universe Series Episode - 7: Rakesh Khanna CEO, Orient Electric

Rakesh talks of adversity being the best teacher, and the need to reimagine the business. His advise to HR Leaders is to over communicate and deal with employee anxiety head on and to use this opportunity to build people capabilities. Great advise!


Business Capability Building

Business Capability Building for a Top IT Services Company

Talent Attrition

A reduction in attrition from 29% to 18% by driving accountability through plant level people committees and upskilling of front-line managers

Building a Future Ready Organisation

A compelling case study of a company crunching its structure and expanding its talent to become future ready.

Turning young managers into vibrant leaders

A People management revolution led from the bottom of the organization


Amy Cuddy on Body Language

Body language affects how others see us, but it may also change how we see ourselves.

The Power Of Vulnerability

Brené Brown studies human connection -- our ability to empathize, belong, love.

My year of saying yes to everything

Shonda Rhimes, the titan behind Grey's Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get


The following is an excerpt from Ray Dalio's Priciples: Life and work, a New York Times Bestseller published in

What are the HR Skills of the Future?

The Human Resources profession needs to change. It must become more digital and analytical to deliver greater business value.

12 HR Trends for 2020

From Tom Haak of the HR Trend Institute. His 12 trends for 2020 include Holistic HR, From People Analytics to Analytics for the People and More Appreciation of Complexity.

How can HR improve Employee Experience (EX)

Research by Accenture and Forrester shows how companies that do EX and Customer Experience (CX) right, boost their profitability by 21% compared