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Accelerate change and break down silos with the power of Organizational Network Analysis.
Every company has its own unique networks of employee relationships, with a few sitting at the heart of influence who affect attitudes and working behaviors. Knowing how to identify those with genuine influence is the key to maximizing any organization’s performance via human relationships

Identify Change agents

ONA allows an organisation to not only find key influencers and role models that their employees look up to, but also identify what business areas and initiatives can be accelerated by involving these influencers.


Engage employees in change

Realise the importance of informal networks and use them in a self conscious way. A few employees sitting at the heart of organisation network influence attitude and work behaviors.


Get insights that accelerate change

Our tool gives an unparalleled insight into your organisation's formal and informal information flow. The report drives tangible results which focus on an organization's strengths and development areas.

Did you know?

  • 4% of influencers identified by ONA can effectively reach ~70% of employees
  • More than 50% of influencers are typically unknown to management
  • 70% of all transformations/ change programs fail
  • 6/10 employees do not understand the reasons behind organisational change

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