A Step-by-Step Guide to Talent3sixty View

Step 1: Create Survey

1.1 Create new survey : You can select Copy from history to copy historical survey settings or create a new survey as per your preferred name, start and end date.

1.2 Add Rating Scale : You can add single or multiple rating scales with descriptions as per your preference, chose the display order and also add a ‘No opinion’

1.3 Add Participants : You can upload participant’s data in bulk using excel template, and if you make any errors, our tool detects and highlights them. You can also add individual participants basis requests received

1.4 Set-Up E-mails : You can customize pre loaded templates. Save, test and send bulk emails at the click of a button !

Step 2: Manage Survey

Click on the survey tile to see detailed survey status of the published surveys

On the survey details page, you can track status of all respondents, add more participants, send ad-hoc reminders, extend surveys and do much more

Step 3: Respond to the survey

Participants receive an e-mail with login details where they can login and ‘Respond now’ to the people listed

They can fill survey in multiple sittings, as talent3sixty provides the functionality of automatically saving the responses

Step 4: Access the Report

Once the process is complete and the reports are available, participants can login and download their reports. The talent3sixty report contains details about :

1.) Response rate of Feedback Providers

2.) Competency Profile

3.) Summary of Strengths and Development areas

4.) Open ended comments about the seeker

5.) Customised individual development plan